Chocolate Center

What is it about chocolate? Most of us love the stuff...even crave it. In fact, we love it so much that we spend about $1 billion per day worldwide to have it.

Have you ever wondered where this tasty treat comes from? Who invented it? Try our History page to learn the origins of this substance we all adore.

Care to know what actually goes into it's making? Can it be made in a healthy way? Or is it naturally healthy regardless of how it is processed? What exactly are its health benefits anyway?

Who are the major manufacturers and where are they located? Can you order it online and have it delivered right to your door? Where can you find some great recipes using this tasty treat? Want to learn some cool facts to spring on your friends who also love the stuff?

Who makes the best? Is it Hershey, Godiva, Cadbury, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Lindt, Dove, or Ghiradelli to name a few. We were very surprised to see how many companies exist in the world.

Here we answer all these questions and more. This is the sweetest place we know short of our pantry where we keep a personal stock of our family's favorites.

bad things about dark chocolate
bad things about dark chocolate
Health Benefits of Chocolate
Health Benefits of Chocolate
Cadbury Chocolate the Inside View
Cadbury Chocolate and the history of Cadbury Chocolate
Fun Chocolate Facts
Cool Fun Chocolate Facts
Your favorite Chocolate Companies
Chocolate Companies like Hershey, Cadbury and Rocky Mountain Chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Advantages and Disadvantages
Dark Chocolate Advantages and Disadvantages
Dark Chocolate Health Benefits for Men
What are the dark chocolate health benefits for men, we will answer that question here?
Godiva Chocolate
Godiva Chocolate To this day, Godiva Chocolatier embodies the genteel image of that lovely Lady for whom it's named.
Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice and Dark Chocolate
Combining the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Juice
Healthy Chocolate
The facts about Healthy Chocolate
The well known Hershey Chocolate Company
Hershey Chocolate
History of Chocolate
The History of Chocolate, who Invented Chocolate
How much chocolate can a dog eat without dying
How much Chocolate can a dog eat without dying
Making Chocolate
Making Chocolate the inside story
Your Favorite Chocolate Recipes
All kinds cool Chocolate Recipes...Cookies, Strawberries,Cake, Fondue and more.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Great Tasting Chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Xocai the Healthy Chocolate
Xocai the Healthy Chocolate