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Five Bad Things About Dark Chocolate. Your first Dark chocolate is delicious, I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, who isnĀ“t? Unless you are a heartless puppy hating unicorn slaying soulless human being than I am sure you also love dark chocolate. There are even certain health benefits linked to the consumption of chocolate, however, all deliciousness aside what are the bad things about dark chocolate?

1. It Can Cause Migraines

Dark chocolate is one of the most commonly reported triggers to migraines due to its content of phenethylamine and or tyramine as well as caffeine. Many people who avoid caffeinated products may not be aware that dark chocolate contains more caffeine than products such as coffee, tea etc. Migraines are not a laughing matter and if dark chocolate can provoke a migraine I would steer clear of it. 

2. It May Be Addictive

It is a known fact that people tend to crave chocolate, as a matter of fact although scientists are not sure why it is addictive many studies have shown that chocolate is the food that is most commonly craved. It could be a combination of the psychoactive compounds in cocoa and the sugar that cause chocolate to be so addictive but it is not yet known for sure.

Bad Things About Dark Chocolate

3. High Calorie Count

In only one hundred grams of dark chocolate, you will consume five hundred and ninety-eight calories which are 3.5 ounces so the calorie count in dark chocolate is quite high and you may want to limit your chocolate consumption so as to avoid going over your daily calorie count which can cause weight gain. 

4. Large Amounts of Sugar

Sugar is an unhealthy form of calorie intake, it does not provide any essential nutrients. It has been recommended by The American Heart Association that sugar consumption for men should be no more than 37.5 grams or one hundred and fifty calories a day and women no more than twenty-five grams or one hundred calories a day so take that into consideration when eating your next chocolate bar.

5. High in Fat

Another component of chocolate is fat. There are 42.6 grams of fat which include 24. grams of saturated fat in only a one hundred gram serving of dark chocolate, that is a lot of fat. The risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity is increasing with the consumption of too much fat or saturated fat. 

So there are five bad things about dark chocolate. Although it can cause weight gain if consumed in moderation this may not be a risk being as it does contain flavonols which are a plant chemical which contains beneficial antioxidants that can increase satiety and minimize the absorption of fat. 

There are some added benefits to the moderate consumption of dark chocolate, however as with anything in life balance is key. If you do however suffer from migraines or are struggling with obesity, high cholesterol or heart disease you may want to avoid eating dark chocolate and find a healthier alternative to get the lift dark chocolate gives you.