Dark Chocolate Advantages and Disadvantages 

Dark Chocolate Advantages and Disadvantages, If you've ever looked up information on eating a healthier diet, chances are you have run across dark chocolate as a suggestion. It's difficult for people to stay away from chocolate, and while it doesn't have to be completely off limits, it should be eaten in moderation. Furthermore, dark chocolate is always suggested as a healthier option over milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is not only a better choice, but there are many direct health benefits to eating dark chocolate.

Of course, there are going to be disadvantages or cons to eating dark chocolate, too, especially if you eat too much as mentioned. When it comes to analyzing dark chocolate advantages and disadvantages, the first thing that jumps out at people is often the fact that it contains healthy antioxidants. The antioxidants that are in dark chocolate are a particular type of flavonoids. What do these particular flavonoids do?

They are said to help breast cancer patients specifically with both preventing and slowing the formation of and the spread of cancer cells. Dark chocolate can also be helpful to diabetics. That might be the last thing you expect to hear since diabetics have to really watch their sugar intake. However, when exploring dark chocolate advantages and disadvantages, one thing worth noting is that dark chocolate can actually be beneficial when it comes to people's blood sugar levels.

Dark Chocolate Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you worried about the fat content in dark chocolate? First of all, remember this isn't your invitation to eat your weight in dark chocolate. The disadvantages are about to be discussed in just a minute. However, it is good for you to know that when it comes to the fats found in dark chocolate, they are mostly healthy fats.

The first disadvantage to discuss is what was discussed as the last advantage to eating dark chocolate. That's a catch 22, right? It is in a way because you were told that most of the fats are healthy for you, but then there are the saturated fats as well. Also, have you been told how much cocoa is in dark chocolate? While that may sound like a good thing instead of everything else found in milk chocolate, you have to remember that cocoa contains caffeine.

While the cocoa in dark chocolate is also a good thing as mentioned, it doesn't mean that dark chocolate is free of those processed sugars that you're trying to stay away from. It just has less of them than milk chocolate is all. In fact, even with less processed sugar, your jaw will drop when you see how much dark chocolate you're allowed in one day to eat healthily.

There are things you can do to help you get more of the benefits of dark chocolate without it being a detriment to your health. For starters, just like you've heard about organic produce being better for you, organic dark chocolate would be a better choice as well. Ultimately, you need to enjoy the benefits if you're going to choose to eat dark chocolate, which means you just have to make sure you eat it in moderation. For more on Healthy living.